At TSIBA we understand that deciding on the institution where you will pursue your studies is one of the most important choices you’ll make in your life. To help you make this choice, some of the benefits of choosing TSIBA are listed below:


As one of our strategic partners, TSIBA joined forces with CloudEDU to address the technological challenges faced by schools across Africa, as well as the opportunities that come with technology skills. Recognising the importance of digital integration in education, TSIBA enlisted the expertise of CloudEDU in implementing Google Workspace for Education and providing tailored support. Through this partnership, TSIBA enhances its educational program by equipping students with essential digital skills and through the creation of a an integrated and seamless learning environment. The drives positive change in education, and ensures that our students have access to all of the tools needed to succeed in the digital economy of the modern world.


TSIBA is registered with the Department for Higher Education & Training and the Council for Higher Education as an accredited Private Higher Education Institution (DHET Registration No:2007/HE08/001). TSIBA tertiary qualifications have Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA) recognition. Your ambition to enter the financial services sector is facilitated with a TSIBA degree.


TSIBA goes beyond business education by placing Attitude, Leadership and Entrepreneurship as credit bearing subjects at the heart of all of our curricula. TSIBA is different. The questions of what is my work, what is success, and how do I add value are integrated deeply into the curriculum to produce graduates who will not only succeed but who will take South Africa forward.

Real-world ready
As a TSIBA Bachelor of Business Administration in entrepreneurial leadership degree graduate you will be fully prepared personally and professionally to enter the employment market, for postgraduate studies or to start and run your own business.


Customise learning experience
TSIBA is dedicated to providing flexibility and choice in education, offering the option to customise your learning experience by selecting individual modules from our programs. Discover our module selections now to commence a personalized learning journey at TSIBA, where education is uniquely tailored to each individual.


Industry experts
TSIBA combines academic and industry experts in curriculum delivery. You will learn from dynamic, experienced and acclaimed faculty and business professionals. TSIBA is a member of the United Nations (UN) Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME). Your TSIBA degree will have recognition from both local and internationally based institutions and registration bodies.


Campus life
The TSIBA Campus in Cape Town enables a learning journey equipped with the latest education technology. Your learning experience will be enhanced through various interactive digital mediums, making you more skilled and marketable. During your studies here you will make lasting friendships with ambitious students who aspire to success and to make a difference . You may also get a chance to study abroad through our international affiliations.

TSIBA has produced eight Mandela Rhodes Scholars, three Kofi Annan Fellows and a number of Allan Gray Orbis Foundation Fellows amongst its students graduates. You will join an elite group of Alumni on graduating from TSIBA.


TSIBA has a postgraduate employment rate exceeding 90%. You will be well positioned as a future business leader with a TSIBA undergraduate or postgraduate qualification.

About Us

TSIBA is a unique social enterprise which shows what's possible when business education invests in people. The TSIBA social enterprise includes a Business School, Ignition Academy and Education Trust working together to return highly sought after people and successful small business enterprises.

We seek ambitious, purpose driven people and emerging businesses who want to take South Africa forward. We are passionate about the  transformative impact of education as a catalyst to unlock the best of what humans can be.

Our Vision
To challenge the status quo of business education through a values-based approach to teaching and learning in a changing world

Our Mission
We invest in purpose-driven humans and emerging businesses who lead social change.

Our Story

How do you facilitate the leap to active participation in the economy for talented young people? How do you invest in people in a way that they will pay it forward and reinvest it into their communities? How do you enable ambitious young people to become the economic citizens and future business leaders we need to take South Africa forward?


Since opening its doors in 2004 TSIBA has always offered an innovative approach to accessing and financing quality business education. In addition to providing accredited qualifications to bridge the gap between secondary school and tertiary studies, the unique TSIBA scholarship model has enabled our undergraduate students to pay at relative levels of affordability, removing financial barriers to tertiary education. This is social justice in action and a deeply held commitment of TSIBA.

Access to education is however an entry point only. Inside TSIBA, our approach is to hold education as a catalyst for the best of what people can be. The core subjects which underpin excellent business education are necessary and provided in full here. But they are not sufficient.

TSIBA goes beyond by placing attitude, leadership and entrepreneurship as credit-bearing subjects at the heart of all of our curricula. All graduates of TSIBA have deeply explored the questions of what is my work? what is success? and how do I add value? These are the questions we all must answer. The answers build each of our own unique stories and they build our citizenship. When this is achieved the outcomes are profound, especially in the communities where TSIBA proudly has its roots.

"My tertiary education at TSIBA was more than just memorising textbooks.
I found a good balance between self discovery and equipping myself for the world of work. "

- Saabirah Cajee ; Digital Community Manager at John Brown Media S.A